Top 5 Best Movie Streaming Sites

For many people nowadays, conventional TV channels do not cater to their needs. Inflexible schedules filled largely with programs they are uninterested in are making many people turn away from conventional TV in favor of streaming services. Here is a short guide to the best five movie streaming sites around to help you decide what’s the best service for you.

Top 5 Best Video And Movie Streaming Sites


Movie Streaming Sites

Netflix is a well-established name in the video streaming market and is renowned for its great selection of TV programs, including many Netflix original series that are often exclusive to the platform. Prices range from £5.99 to £8.99 a month and the service can be accessed through the browser on your computer or laptop, as well as through smart TVs and phones and a range of gaming consoles.

Although the range of programs and wide accessibility are definite plus points, Netflix lets itself down on the movie front. The selection is fairly wide, but it does not feature that many recent films. Until Netflix addresses this, it’s likely that movie buffs will turn to other services.

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Amazon Prime Instant Video Prime Instant Video

Amazon Prime is available for both a £5.99 monthly subscription and as a free add-on for existing Amazon Prime customers. The selection is similar to Netflix and it can be accessed from the same range of devices. Crucially, though, there is a slightly better selection of recent releases on Amazon Prime Instant Video. Especially for those who already have an Amazon Prime account, Amazon Prime Instant Video seems like the smart choice.



A fairly new name in the market, MUBI is the perfect choice for the film connoisseur because of its selection of niche and independent films. However, for most people, MUBI’s selection could feel limited and you may struggle to find something that you want to watch. It is available to stream through the same range of devices as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and perhaps even has the upper hand as you can download films to Android or iOS devices to watch offline on the go.

It is also competitively priced at £4.99 a month. However the absence of TV series and the niche film selection means that the general consumer is likely to look elsewhere.

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Blinkbox is a bit more limited than other streaming services in that there is no monthly subscription service. All films or TV programs must be rented or bought individually. This can be convenient for those who watch TV on rare occasions, however for those who wish to use the service with any sort of regularity, the bill can quickly add up. The accessibility is also slightly more limited, as Blinkbox is not currently compatible with Nintendo consoles and most smart TVs.

Now TV

Now TV

Now TV offers a range of different packages, from Sky Movies month passes to Sky Sports day passes to exclusive Now TV monthly entertainment passes. This flexibility allows you to create the perfect custom TV package for you. Perhaps the main selling point of Now TV, though, is that its selection of movies, especially with regards to new releases, is far superior to that of its competitors.

Available on a similar range of devices to Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, Now TV is making a big name for itself in the streaming market. Check out these great coupon codes for Now TV on Couporando to make smart savings.

I hope after read this post, you have decided and picked one online TV streaming services on this five best movie streaming sites list. If you found this is useful, then share the list to your friends and family.