Spotify Web Player For Streaming Music And Radio Online

Spotify Web Player

Not like other online services that’s launched their website with services and then release the desktop or mobile app, Spotify has started from its desktop and mobile apps, and then expand their services over the website: Spotify Web Player, allows you to stream video, music as well as radio online.

There is not much difference between its desktop or mobile app with the web-based service that comes with four sections: the first section allows to move playlists and check the news, the second section is the additional controls, and two left sections for the list of music or video, and the player.

Spotify Web Player

Spotify Web Player is now available at, and if you want to use the service, you must login with your Spotify username & password or login with Facebook account. This web-based service has a better user interface than or Pandora, looks like a Mac app and comes with an excellent flow.

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As default, after login you will redirected to the Browse tab where you can view top suggestion albums and artists. In this, you also can find your favorite music following genres & moods, new releases as well as global top 50 and top 50 by country.

Spotify Web Player Browse List

Add Tracks To A Spotify Playlist

Spotify Web Player Search

If you want to add tracks to a playlist on Spotify Web Player, you can use search feature, search for name of songs or artist, and then add it to a list you want.

Obviously, the Spotify Web Player is not feature rich as the desktop apps, but you will love this web interface and with me, it’s good enough to use on my internet browser.