Samsung Unveils 16TB SSD Built With New 3D NAND

16TB Samsung SSD

I have seen many companies that racing to release largest SSD (solid state drive) over the years. But Samsung seems tired and want to stand on the top of the market by unveiling the 16TB SSD (product code: PM1633a) that based on its new 3D NAND.

This world’s largest SSD has 48 layers of 3D TLC NAND. Each 3D NAND chip can hold up to 256Gb (256 Gigabit ~ 32GB), and if the company wants to produce the 16TB SSD, then the PM1633a could hold about 500 chips.

Nowadays, 1TB SSD will cost you about $700, then you can imagine how much is the PM1633a SSD (around $7,800). Samsung has not released any information about the price at this moment. I will update more details when it’s available.