If You Install Windows 10, You Can End Up In Jail

Windows 10 Privacy Nightmare

Alongside the Windows 10, Microsoft also released a new statement that says they will access and read most of contents in your computer, including data, mail, picture, audio, video as well as illegal files like pirated items, torrents, crack apps. And if they found any illegal things in your computer, you will be reported as a crime to the local police.

In fact, Windows 10 is amazing with great features and faster than previous versions of Windows, but it’s spying on everything you do with your computer. Microsoft also allows you to control what they will monitor on your computer and you can easy to turn off with a few simple steps.

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In order to change your Windows 10 privacy settings, go to Settings > Privacy and then disable anything that you worry about. I would recommend you to turn off most of them to protect your privacy.

In another report from Ars Technica, written by Peter Bright, he said Windows 10 just can’t stop talking to Microsoft, even he has turned off everything, including Cortana. It seems if we turn off all features in Privacy settings, it’s still not enough to prevent Microsoft collecting your data and information, right?