How To Fix Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working Error

If you have been using Windows operating system over the years, you might get the ” Windows Explorer has stopped working ” or  ” Windows Explorer is not responding ” sometimes, and it is a quite popular Windows error.

In fact, this Windows error does not affect to any main feature or running program. The Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) will be terminated and restarted automatically, or you might have to open it again by yourself.

Most users felt annoying with the ” Windows Explorer has stopped working ” error and it may show up repeatedly, so you will not able to do anything. There are many reasons that made the Windows Explorer stopped, like outdated drivers, viruses and malware, file system corruption, or conflict with other running applications

How To Fix Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working Error

Windows Explorer has stopped working

Today, I will explain to you a few methods to fix Windows Explorer has stopped working error.

Remove Unwanted / Unused Programs From Your Computer

If you have any unused program or unnecessary software on your computer and you think it could be a problem, uninstall it.  Sometimes, freewares or sharewares could come with malicious program inside and it will affect your file system.

Install Windows Updates On Your Computer Frequently

In order to avoid the explorer.exe error, you must keep your computer is up to date by installing Windows updates. It will update the Windows security of your computer, device drivers as well as bug fixes.

If you don’t want Windows install the update automatically, you can change Windows Update settings, to download only or notify only.

Windows Update settings

Scan And Remove Viruses And Malware

If your computer was affected by viruses, malware or any malicious program, the explorer.exe might affected too. Moreover, these malicious programs could exploit system files, the main reason lead to the error.

In this case, I would suggest you to use an antivirus software or any good malware removal program to do a full scan on your computer and eliminate those harmful programs.

If you don’t know any good antivirus programs, take a look at three suggestion articles below:

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Check Your Files With System File Checker (SFC) Utility

This is a good utility in Windows OS, allows you to do full scan on your Windows system, to find missing or corrupted system files, and then repair those files.

In order to run the System File Checker utility, open Command Prompt (cmd.exe) as administrator.

Run Command Prompt As Administrator
Run Command Prompt As Administrator

Type sfc /scannow command and press Enter. This utility will automatically start scan process and will repair missing or corrupted files during the scan.

sfc /scannow
sfc /scannow

If it can’t repair the file by itself, the SFC utility will ask you to insert Windows installation CD disk and copy system files from the installation CD to repair those corrupted files.

So with these simple steps in this article, it can help you to fix Windows Explorer has stopped working error on your computer. From my personal experiences, if your computer has a low hardware specifications, but you do your tasks too quick (like click on a tab, open a new program or do something that create pressure on your computer) while the Windows still processing for another task, the Windows Explorer error will occur.