Top Useful Google Docs Tips And Tricks

Obviously, Google Docs can’t be a replacement for the Microsoft’s Office as it does not have a lot of useful features like Office, but it’s still good enough to compose an online document or an Excel sheet. And you may interest on these useful Google Docs tips and tricks that will help you to complete your job quickly, and flexibility.

Google Docs Tips And Tricks

Enable Offline Access

If you don’t know yet, then it’s the truth; Google Docs can work offline, allows you to create a new document as well as Excel sheet while you don’t have any internet connection. With this feature, you are able to work when your internet connection is temporarily corrupted or disconnected. When the internet is connected again, your changes will be synchronized with the Google Docs account.

Currently, this feature is only working with Google Chrome. If you want to enable this feature, follow the instruction below:

Enable Google Docs Offline FeatureAnd then click on Enable Offline button:

Enable Google Docs Offline Editing

Share And Collaborate Documents To Other Users In Real Time

One great feature of Google Docs that you can share your document with other users and allow them to work together with you on the same document at the same time.

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You will also see other users’ cursors in the document and can watch what they do in real-time. If you want to share your document, click on File > Share to start sharing your document to other users by specific email or just simply give them a link.

Share Your Google Docs

Publish Your Google Docs Document

By clicking on File > Publish to the web, your document will be available on the internet with a specific link. The difference between the shared and publish is when users access to a shared document, they will see the editor, but when they access to a published document, they will see it as any other typical web page (view example here).

Publish Google Docs Document To The Web
Publish Google Docs Document To The Web

Search And Insert Links To Google Docs Documents

When you want to insert a link in your Google Docs document, you can simply click Insert > Link, and then search for links you want to insert, Google will display results that match with your search.

Insert Links To Google Docs

Copy And Paste Web Clipboard In Google Docs

This is a great feature that I love to use as it shares across Google’s services like Google Docs, Sheets as well as Sliders. The web clipboard is associated with your Google account, so you can use it across computers in case you use the same Google account on these computers.

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Moreover, this web clipboard can contain multiple items, such as text, images as well as other data. If you want to use this web clipboard, simply click on Edit > Web clipboard.

Install Add-ons

With this feature, you can install 3rd party software which made by Google Apps Script, allows these add-ons to help your work more simpler.

Google Docs Add-ons

Convert Document (.doc / .docx) to PDF

If you want convert your Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) to PDF file, it’s now very easy with Google Docs as you can upload or create new document on Google Docs, and download it as a PDF file.

Convert Microsoft Office Document To PDF File
Convert Microsoft Office Document To PDF File

I hope this article will help your work with Google Docs more simpler and your work can be done quickly. If you found this article is useful, share to your friends and other users.