What Does C$ Mean And How To Access C$ Share In A Network


Shares with a $ (C$) are hidden shares, and also called “Administrative shares” and it’s not visible when you are requesting the share list of a device in a network group or domain.

There are several default hidden shares active on your system as default, like:

  • ADMIN$
  • C$
  • D$
  • E$
  • …etc, one for each drive available
  • print$: Printer sharing
  • IPC$: Inter-process communication interface
  • Users


How To Access C$ Share In A Network

If the computer you want to access is in a same computer group with you (not a member of a domain), you can try \\computername\C$ /user:computeruser\user to access to that computer, where the user account: computeruser must be exist on the computername computer.

Access Denied To Administrative Shares

By default, Windows will deny access to Administrative Shares. If you would like to access to administrative shares, you can map your administrator account with the admin shares, by using this command: net user administrator /active:yes in Command Prompt.

Please note that your administrator account must have a password protected, blank password is not allowed and you will receive an error message: Login error: user account restriction. Possible reasons are blank passwords not allowed

login failure

If you want to create and delete hidden or administrative shares on the computer, read the useful tutorial from the Microsoft’s website.