Windows 10 Mobile Coming In November

Windows 10 Mobile

You know, Microsoft has started rolling out the Windows 10 for desktop, but if expecting for the Windows 10 Mobile, you will have to wait a few more months, the estimate launch date is in November.

The main reason why Microsoft has not launched it yet is because the company is still working on the mobile version, and it’s not yet completed. The company also confirmed their Lumia smartphone lineup will be the first to get Windows 10 Mobile in November.

Basically, the core platform of Windows 10 Mobile is Windows 10, and I was wondering how many features of Windows 10 that will be available in the mobile version? Especially Windows Hello security feature: protect your computer with facial recognition, picture password, fingerprint, iris as well as passcode. So, does the mobile version will support for these security methods if it has an appropriate hardware?

I will not expect much on the features of Windows 10 Mobile, but it would be great if the mobile version has facial recognition, fingerprint and iris scanner.