Which Lumia Smartphones Will First Get Windows 10 Mobile ?

Lumia Smartphone

Microsoft didn’t launch Windows 10 Mobile at this moment because they are still working on it and the code is not yet completed. Now, the desktop version of Windows 10 is rolling out to the users, the company can now focus to the mobile version, to make it complete and release it on time.

Today, Microsoft also released the list of Lumia smartphone that will first get the new Windows 10 Mobile in November. The list contains 10 smartphones, including:

Moreover, any smartphone that running Windows Phone 8.1 (Update 1/Update 2) will also receive the Windows 10 Mobile. There is no further information about other Windows Phone versions.

A few months ago, there were rumors that told about two new flagships from Microsoft called Lumia Talkman and Lumia Cityman, one smartphone and one phablet. If these rumors were true, Microsoft might announce both new flagships at that moment, alongside the Windows 10 Mobile.