WhatsApp Like and Mark As Unread Features In Next Update ?


It seems that WhatsApp will get some new features in the next update, including “Like” button for shared photos and “Mark as Unread” feature, according to a few resources and some reports from beta testers.

Ilhan Pektas, a WhatsApp beta tester, sent a tweet in Twitter: “Like Button for divided images in WhatsApp: o

Another rumor about the ability to mark messages as unread in WhatsApp is currently being tested. There is nothing to confirm that this feature will appear in the next update, but a leaked WhatsApp document shows the new functionality is being worked on.

In addition, WhatsApp also brings several features to the web version. Users are now able to edit status message and profile photo, archive or delete chats, archive/mute/exit group chats, new keyboard shortcut as well as delete a chat or exit a group chat that belong to a specific contact.