Photofast MemoriesCable: A Cable To Backup And Charge iOS Devices

Photofast MemoriesCable

Keep a lot of photos, videos, music or eBooks on your iOS devices? And now you want to backup it, keep it in somewhere that’s safe? There is a great solution from Photofast, a cable with two features: connect to any power source to charge your device and a backup storage through Lighting port. Of course, you can backup your contents to the Apple’s iCloud or some other services like Dropbox, or Google Drive. But your cloud content is only safe with your password and protection from providers. This alternative solution is able to back up your content locally using the Photofast MemoriesCable cable.

This new cable works like all others normal cables: charge and sync, but it also has a hidden internal storage, allows the cable to backup your favorite content on iOS devices locally. It’s 13-cm long and weighs 9.4g, very portable to keep in your pocket or bag while on the go.

Photofast MemoriesCable Gallery

Moreover, if the storage of your iOS devices is full, you can put new photos, videos, music or eBooks to the internal storage inside the cable. The Photofast MemoriesCable also supports to streaming video to AirPlay devices. In order to use the Photofast MemoriesCable features, an app is required to install and handle backup. You can also lock the Photofast MemoriesCable internal storage with your fingerprint.

Currently, there is no information about the pricing for this backup cable yet. But it will available in two options of storage: 64GB and 128GB. Watch the video in this article for more views about the Photofast MemoriesCable cable.