How to Upload File to Google Drive

Google Drive

We live in a digital world, between computers, laptops, tables and smartphones; we create a lot of data. As a result, we have to store that data somewhere. One of the benefits of the drop in computing prices is basically free storage.

There are many firms such as, Dropbox and Google Drive that offer free online space, where users can store pictures, videos, and documents which they can retrieve from any internet connected device. One of the most widely used data storage and sharing system is the Google Drive.

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There are many features that Google includes in Google Drive that help make it popular, but two of the largest features that have users coming back and using the service are the ridiculously large amount of free space and its connectivity to are two drivers of Google’s online storage system.

Individuals who are users of both and Google Drive can integrated them together. Doing so will allow you to send file attachments that are larger them 25MB, which is Gmail’s limit and additionally if receiving file attachments, it will allow you to save to your Google Drive account directly from your Gmail inbox, which saves you time from downloading the file and uploading it to your Google Drive account.

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If you have no prior experience using Google Drive, the following tips will greatly help you upload files to Google Drive:

There are two ways for uploading files to Google Drive

1. Drag and drop files method: If you have the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you can upload your files to Google Drive by simply dragging the files that you want to upload from your computer and dropping it in the Google Drive. You can even create folders and sub-folders in your Google Drive and drag and drop the files into these folders.

2. Upload files by using Google Drive: If you are using this method follow the below mentioned steps for new Google Drive:

  • Open
  • Next, click on the ‘New’ button and select the upload files option listed in the drop down menu
  • Once you select the upload files, you would be prompted to navigate to the source where the file is stored on your computer. Select the file that you want to upload (In case you want to upload multiple files, press Ctrl button on your keyboard and select all the files) and click on the upload button.
  • When you click upload, you would see the files being uploaded, once all the files are uploaded, you can click on the file to view the files or click on the X button to close the drive.

Steps for uploading files on the Classic Google Drive:

  • Open
  • Next, click the upload file button from the drop down menu and select the Files option
  • Repeat the process mentioned above.

You can also install Drive on your computer, smartphone or tablet and use this free cloud storage to upload / sync your files / download and use it from anywhere.

Install Google Drive
Install Google Drive

Truly, Google Drive has been a revelation as far as storage of data is concerned. Try using the Google Drive and you realize storing the important data in a secured way has never been so easy before.