Download And Create Windows 10 Installation USB Flash Drive Or DVD

Today, Microsoft has officially released the Windows 10 to all users in 190 countries, and you are able to take the free upgrade if you reserved before. Microsoft also says that not all users will get Windows 10 upgrade at the same time. So, you may able to upgrade to Windows 10 today or soon afterwards.

If you don’t want to wait for your turn, there are two ways you can do to upgrade the system to Windows 10 today: force the Windows Update to download and install the Windows 10 update, or download Windows 10 ISO file and upgrade.

To force the system to download and install Windows 10, you can read the previous post to learn how to do. In this article, I will tell you how to download Windows 10 and create installation USB flash drive or DVD.

Before started, you must to have Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 on the computer you want to upgrade. The progress will collect the license key from your old Windows operating system and verify before upgrade. If you are installing the Windows 10 on a new computer, make sure you have a valid Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 license to activate the operating system.

How to create Windows 10 installation USB flash drive / DVD ?

Microsoft is offering a tool that helps you create installation USB flash drive / DVD by automatically download and install the file into the USB flash drive / DVD. Visit here to download the tool, select 32-bit or 64-bit versions, depends on your current computer. Please note, it’s the version of the tool, not version of the Windows 10.

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Once the download progress is done, open the file and run it. It will give you two choices to select:

  • Upgrade this PC now
  • Create installation media for another PC


Click on “Next” to select languages, editions, and architectures like 32-bit or 64-bit.

Win-10-version-selectWhen you select the Windows 10 editions, make sure to take a look at the table below and have the right license for each edition, to take free upgrade.


Click on “Next”, and select either ISO file or USB flash drive as your installation media.

Click on “Next” again, and the tool will automatically download the Windows ISO file. It will take a while to complete, depends on your internet connection speed. Once the download progress is finished, you will be able to upgrade your existing computer or install Windows 10 on a new PC.