Hide IP Address and Access Blocked Websites

With many dangers on the internet, most people want to keep their personal information in secret, stay away from the attacker and cyber crime. In order to do so, they are looking for the best ways to protect their identify like using strongest password, two factor authentication or antivirus and firewall software.

How about the IP address ? It’s also a potential information that other people can use to attack your computer and exploit your data. If you don’t know what is an IP address, then read more from Wikipedia.org. Let’s imagine, it looks like an address of your home, in some aspects. And it’s not a good idea to tell your home address to any strange person, who know they come with good purposes or not.

However, it’s not meant when someone knows your IP address, they will able to access to your computer, home network or Wi-Fi. Don’t watch television and movies so much, because it’s not easy like you seen on there, but it’s still a potential resource to exploit.

How to hide IP address ?

There are a few ways to hide your IP address, such as use VPN (what’s VPN?), Tor, web proxy, sock proxy. In fact, your IP address isn’t disappearing. It’s just change to a new one like wearing new clothes. In this case, the others will see your new IP address that you connected through, not your real IP address. And by changing your IP address to other location, you are able to access blocked websites that block by ISPs or government.

Hide My IP, a good VPN tool for multiple platforms

Hide My IP is a VPN software, allows you connect to its VPN servers to hide your IP address and also supports for many features such as encryption connection, send anonymous emails, private web surf and access blocked websites.

The software is supported for multiple platforms like Windows, Mac OS X and Android. It’s also compatible with large ranges of the platform: from Windows NT, Windows 2000 to Windows 8, Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.10 and Android versions.

How does Hide My IP and other VPN services work ?

How VPNs works ?
How VPNs works ?

As you can see in the picture, you will connect to fake IP relay and from there, it will access to the internet. Your real IP address will not reveal.

Hide My IP User Interface
Hide My IP User Interface

Hide My IP PremiumHide My IP VPN software has 80 virtual IP locations around the world and you can select any to change your IP address, prevent others from seeing your true IP. It offers 14 days free trial for Windows and Mac OS X users to try the software and its features.

This premium VPN software is sold in affordable price and one time fee for a lifetime service, which costs you a price of $29.95. The Google’s Android version is available in Google Play store for $2.95 per month.

Hide My IP

Download Hide My IP for Windows, Mac OS X, and Android

If you would like to download Hide My IP VPN software for Windows, Mac OS X or Android platform, click on the button below. Just simply download, install and active to use, no extra configuration needed.

Hide My IP for Windows, Mac OS X   Hide My IP for Android

Other free and premium VPN service ?

In the past, I have posted a few offers about premium services, for free or cheaper prices, such as F-Secure VIP Premium VPN, OkayFreedon Premium VPN, Steganos Online Shield VPN or VPN Unlimited Lifetime.

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Other ways to hide IP address

As I mentioned above, there are other ways to hide your IP address like Tor, web proxy, sock proxy.

Tor project and its secure p2p network

I will not explain to you what’s Tor in this article because it’s too long. You can visit Tor homepage and read from there to learn what’s Tor and how does it works. You should ask how to use Tor, it’s a better question.

Visit the download page on the Tor website to download and install to use. Here’s a good article from LifeHacker.com, to learn about Tor and should or shouldn’t to use Tor, take a look.

Download Tor

Advantages and disadvantages of using Tor and VPN

As you can see, both Tor and VPN can be used to protect your personal information and privacy, bypass the internet to hide your IP address and access blocked websites. And both Tor and VPN have their advantages and disadvantages.

Tor advantages

  • Can’t track what you are surfing on the internet and trace the sites you visited back to your IP address.
  • The Tor network is distributed, it’s extremely difficult for governments or organizations to shut it down.

Tor disadvantages

  • Your data is routed through several relays, then it’s slow to load what you want. In addition, some ISPs have blocked Tor relays, making it difficult for some users to connect.
  • The traffic at the exit node is unencrypted, so anyone like the government, the police, or a hacker, that is running the exit node can see your internet traffic. So if you are sending anything sensitive, be sure to use secure websites with HTTPs.

VPN advantages

  • The connection speed of the VPN is faster Tor many times because only the VPN server that stands between your computer and the website you want to visit.
  • VPN provides better privacy and security than Tor. Some VPN providers also include malware protection in its client software.

VPN disadvantage

  • If you are looking for a good VPN service, it would cost you a lot of money like $30 to $60 a year. There are also a few free VPN services, but not many locations to pick and include ads. HotspotShield.com is a good free VPN that you must try.

If you need to surf the web anonymously, then Tor may be good. For better privacy protection, malware protection, enhanced security from hackers and speed, then a VPN service is a better option.

Web proxy

Web proxy is an easy and quick way to change your IP address. It’s extremely portable that you just need to enter a website address into a form, and it will return the webpage to you. And the sites you visit will see the IP address of the proxy rather than your true IP address.

Web proxy is very useful to access any blocked website from anywhere like schools or offices. In some cases, administrator or manager will block some websites like Facebook.com or other social networking sites, because they don’t want students and employees spend time on these sites. So, web proxies are good solutions to bypass the restriction and access these blocked websites.

Web Proxy ServerIf you would love to use web proxies, hit the button below to see list of 200+ web proxy server.

200+ web proxy server

Free daily proxy

Hide My IP also offers free daily proxy on their website and you can use these proxies to hide your IP address, and access blocked websites in case don’t want to use above methods.

So, that are ways to hide your IP address, change your IP address and use these new IP to protect your privacy, access blocked websites and be anonymous.