What is Project Fi and How Does It Work ?

What is Project Fi?

It’s a Google’s prepaid phone carrier service, allows you to use mobile data services on two mobile networks, and your mobile device will be able to switch between both networks. When Wi-Fi is available, the Project Fi will use to make calls and send texts.

It’s a prepaid service and you need to pay up front for what you want to use in the month. For example, at the start of each month, Project Fi lets you estimate and select how much data you will use, and then make the payment up front for that amount.

The price is $20 per month for unlimited minutes of calls and texting, and $10/GB of data. So, at the end of the month you will receive a refund for the data you did not use, and able to carry unused data to next month.

How does it work?

Google’s Project Fi works with a special SIM card and required to install software on your mobile phone. The software will automatically authenticate you on both Sprint and T-Mobile, and switch between. As I mentioned above, Project Fi can also use Wi-Fi for calls and texts, it will automatically connect your mobile phone to open Wi-Fi access points when you are out of the house to reducing data usage.

Project Fi also lets you forward phone calls to its phone number to any other number you want, and use that Fi phone number to make calls, send text messages or view voicemail from any device with Hangouts app.

Available on the international ? Yes, it’s working in 120 countries around the world and there is no additional cost for texting or data. The data that you used internationally have the same price: $10/GB, but speeds are limited to 256kbps.

If you want to read more about Google’s Project Fi, visit official website here.