Google Market Value Up By $65 Billion On Friday

Google Market

Last Thursday, Google has announced the second quarter financial results of the company which reached a high record. The Google market value has increased by billions, based on the financial report.

According to the financial results on Thursday, July 16, Google has earned a revenue of $17.7 billion in the second quarter, which is 11% higher than the second quarter of last year and 3% higher than the first quarter.

And then in the next day, July 17, the Google’s shares hit a high record: $703 per share, and the company’s value was increased to $471.5 billion. At the end of the day, the company’s shares closed at $699.62, which added $65 billion to the Google market value.

The site brings to the company a revenue of $12.4 billion, that’s 13% increased. Other revenues of Google are Google Networks (increased $3.6 billion), and Google Play Store (Google Marketplace).

YouTube and mobile were the highlights in the second quarter financial results of Google. Users made more searches through mobile devices than from PCs. That’s why the company is focusing more on the mobile business.