How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Network Problems

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Network Problems

I have received many questions that asking me solutions to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 network problems: like signals, SIM card issues and connectivities. If you use the Note 4 and can’t use it with 4G LTE network or got troubles with SIM card, then read common issues here to learn how to fix these popular Galaxy Note 4 network problems.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Can’t Get LTE Signal

You have bought an unlocked Galaxy Note 4 from, or other online retailers and can’t use the 4G LTE feature with your current carrier. The problem is caused due to software or not supported 4G bands.

Before purchase any 4G device from these online retailers, make sure you have checked the 4G bands of the device that’s compatible with your network carrier. Depends on the region, location and network carrier, there are several different 4G bands

Verizon 4G LTE
Verizon 4G LTE

If the 4G LTE signal is good and compatible, it’s definitely a software problem. You may have to wait for a minor software update from manufacturer to resolve this issue.

Galaxy Note 4 Refreshing SIM Data Error

You are using your Note 4 and one day, you keep getting a pop up that says “refreshing SIM data”, in every couple seconds and many times a day. In this case, if you have changed to a new SIM card and still getting the error, it could be an issue with the SIM card slot on the phone. First, check your Note 4 SIM card slot for any sign of dirt or lint and clean it if necessary.

Another case, when you inserted the SIM card into its slot, and if it moves around, this issue may also occur.

If you have eliminated all other causes and the problem just caused when received and updated the software update, you should roll back to the previous firmware that certainly work.

Galaxy Note 4 Poor Signal

If you are using the Note 4 and signal strength is so poor and not stable, check for your SIM card to see if it’s the issue or not. You can borrow another SIM card of friends or family members to check.

If the problem still remains, then the Galaxy Note 4 may have issues with its inside antenna. You also need to eliminate any software problems by doing a factory reset. Make sure you have backup data before doing the factory reset.

Mobile Phone Poor Signal
Mobile Phone Poor Signal

Sometimes, the poor signal happens when you go to black spots where mobile network can’t reach to, like underground subway stations, room without windows, or other complicate places. To avoid poor signal due to mobile phone blackspots, go to better places to test, if the issue still remains and you have already eliminated other issues, bring your Note 4 to nearby Samsung’s warranty office to check.

No Signal Icon And Then Galaxy Note 4 Reboots

Some users have asked me why their Note 4 keeps rebooting when there is no mobile signal: no signal icon appears. They are suddenly getting no signal icon, and then the Note 4 reboots. The users also eliminated SIM card and software issues cause they have changed many other SIM cards and do the factory reset, but the issue still remains.

If you have changed to many other SIM cards and the issues still available, turn your phone into Safe Mode to check if there is an app installed in your Note 4 that make this happens.

To access to Safe Mode in the Galaxy Note 4, follow the instruction:

  • Turn the Note 4 off.
  • Press and hold “Power” and “Volume down” key.
  • Release “Power” key when you see the Samsung logo appears. But still hold “Volume down” key until the Note 4 finishes restarting.
  • The Note 4 Safe Mode will display in the bottom left corner of the phone screen.
  • When the phone successful goes to Safe Mode, release “Volume down” key.

If in the Safe Mode, the issue is no longer available, that’s mean one of installed apps causing this issue, find and uninstall it.

If the problem still remains in Safe Mode, and even after a factory reset, it could be an issue that related to the hardware. Bring your phone to Samsung’s warranty office or where you buy the Galaxy Note 4 to check and fix the trouble.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Factory Reset
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Factory Reset

I hope these solutions can help you to fix your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 network problems. If you got any other issue, send us your trouble details and I can help you find the best way to solve it.