Comcast 2 Gbps Internet Costs $300 Per Month

Comcast 2 Gbps Gigabit Pro

If you have plans to upgrade your internet service to Gigabit and money is not a problem, then the Comcast 2 Gbps internet service is the best for you. This fiber to home internet service will cost you $299.95 per month and a price of $1,000 for installation and activation ($500 for activation and another $500 for installation), according to Comcast’s website.

The $299.95 price tag is the official monthly subscription fee, but the company will offer this plan for $159 per month, as a promotion. The official name of this 2 Gbps plan is Gigabit Pro, and if you want to use with Comcast TV or other products, you must purchase separately.

Currently, Comcast customers paid $399.95 per month for the 505 Mbps internet service, that’s a $100 greater than the Gigabit Pro. However, Comcast is planning to upgrade those customers to Gigabit Pro.

For now, the Comcast’s Gigabit Pro is available in some areas like Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indian, Michigan, Tennessee and California. Please check here for to see if it’s in your area or not.