Unlock LG G4 bootloader with official tools

LG G4 Dual SIM

We cannot forget the LG’s promise about the official tool to unlock bootloader for LG G3, in the last year, but it seems that nothing happens.

However, LG still keeps its plan by released a new Unlock Bootloader webpage with full instructions, lets you unlock bootloader for LG G4 (not for G3, at this moment). With the tool, you can only unlock bootloader for LG G4 for the European market with product code H815. But it’s a good move and we think the company will support for more devices soon.

If you are owner of the LG G4 H815 model, then visit the LG’s website and follow the instructions to unlock your device’s bootloader. One important thing you should remember that once your device is unlocked, you will lose the warranty from LG. So, consider before doing it.