Quanta Compute Plug, a mini Windows 10 PC in size of phone charger

Quanta Compute Plug

At the Computex 2015 press conference in Taipei, Taiwan, Microsoft has showcased a new mini computer in the size of a phone charger and can easy to plug into wall outlet to use. That’s the result of collaborating between Microsoft and Quanta, to make this mini PC work with Windows 10.

Called the Quanta Compute Plug, this upcoming mini computer is feature two USB 3.0 port with an HDMI port that lets you connect to your HDTV or monitor. Both companies didn’t say exactly which version of Windows 10 that this device will run, but we think it will run a full Windows 10 version (like Windows 10 Home) rather than Windows 10 for IoT (Internet of Things).

Moreover, you can also control the Quanta Compute Plug over Cortana, with separate remote or Bluetooth headset.

Back to 2009, Marvell has introduced a same kind of computer like this and used ARM chip. It seems that its specifications are too low and can only run Linux. So, the Compute Plug should have appropriate hardware to run Windows 10, in case it pre-loaded with any kind of full editions.

For now, there’s no other details is available like specifications, pricing or availability.