OWC USB-C Dock for MacBook 12″ with 11 connectivity ports

Apple has released its new MacBook 12″ with only one USB-C connectivity port, an all in one port that can do everything, such as copy files, connect to the internet, connect to external display and so on. But you need to order some more external adapters from Apple to use with separate connectivities, and it looks uncomfortable to users.

Moreover, if you want to do two tasks like copying files from a USB to your MacBook while you are connecting to the internet via an Ethernet cable, it’s impossible. And we think you really don’t want to carry all adapters with you on the go, right ?

To resolve the problem, there is a new dock from OWC that designed for Apple MacBook and fit its colors. The USB-C dock will help you expand your connectivity and connect to more than one device at the same time.


OWC USB-C dock supports for 11 ports, including 4 USB 3 type A ports, 1 USB 3 type C port, SD card reader, HDMI port, Gigabit Ethernet port as well as audio in and out ports.


If you are interested in this new MacBook dock, go to OWC’s online store and pre-order it for $129, and will be delivered to your front door by October 2015.