How To Setup Windows Hello In Windows 10

How to Setup Windows Hello

In this article, I will show you the first look at the Windows Hello user interface as well as how to setup Windows Hello in Windows 10. Windows Hello is a new security features of Windows 10 which use biometrics to grant access to the computer and allow you access to it securely. This new security system is using facial recognition, fingerprint and iris scanning to identify you and let you access to the operating system.

How to setup Windows Hello

It’s probably a good solution to make your computer more secure by using biometrics method with a strong password to protect your computer from bad people who try to access into your computer. And of course, the Windows Hello will also available in other platforms like smartphone or tablets with Windows 10 Mobile editions. So, you will able to protect your devices with your face, iris, or fingerprint.

How to set up Windows Hello facial recognition in Windows 10

Windows Hello Setup

If you want to use the facial recognition feature, you will need a 3D depth camera to get it working, like the Intel RealSense camera. With this kind of camera (or others with the Intel developer kit), you will able to setup Windows Hello, and use your face to access to your computer, or verify to complete purchases in the Windows Store.

Upgrade to Windows 10

In order to active this feature, you must have the right hardware and the driver is installed. Without necessary requirements, you will not see the options to set up Windows Hello.

1. Head to “Settings” and then click on “Accounts”, and next on “Sign-in options”.


2. Set up a PIN code (ignore this step if you already did) by click on “Add” button. Once you have done that step, the options to set up Windows Hello will visible.


3. You will see an option named “Face”, just click on “Set Up”.


4. Click on “Get started”.

5. Move yourself to the front of the camera and make sure your face is in the center of the frame. It will automatically register your face to the system.


6. There is an improvement option in the next step to improve recognition. Use it if you wear glasses (or not). It will help to make sure you are recognized in quality.

7. It’s done. You can now able to access features like improvement recognition, automatically unlock the Windows, remove your face or increase security.

I hope you can setup Windows Hello correctly to protect your computer from unauthorized access. If you have any question, just ask me.