Free goScreen, a multiple screen software for Windows


If you have used Mac OS X operating system, then you may interested in its multiple desktop screen feature, helps you move and organize your running apps & software in Windows. For example, you can keep all of your work in one screen and others in another screen, easy to switch with a simple task.

Now imagine that feature will be on your Windows operating system by installing the goScreen, a virtual desktop manager for Microsoft Windows, lets you create multiple virtual desktop screen on a same computer.

Currently, goScreen is now selling for $28, but you can get a free license with the limited time offer from ShareWareOnSale. The license is valid for one computer and come without updates.

We suggest that you only need to install this software for Windows 7, Windows 8 or below. Because the Windows 10 will be released in July 29 and it also has the same feature. Visit the follow link to download Windows 10 ISO files to install on your computer.