Best free Teamviewer alternative for Windows and Mac

You know, Teamviewer is the most popular software which available for both Windows and Mac platforms, to let you access to a computer from anywhere in the world if have internet connection and permission to do.

With Teamviewer application, you can easy to use the remote access feature to connect to your computer (or any other computers with permission), manage and transfer files or folders from your current computer, smartphones and tablets to remote computer and opposite.

It’s one of the best remote desktop software and help you to solve problems on another computer far away.

Now, you may wonder why we need Teamviewer alternative software while we have the best here. Teamviewer is a good and useful software, but few people doubt about security when using this remote software. How secure is TeamViewer for simple remote support ? It’s a good question in StackExchange.Com, with many answers and opinions, you can take a look at the post here.

One more thing, it’s only available for personal users. If you want to use business version, it will cost you prices start from $749, depends on which license you want to order.

That’s the main reason why we write this article to show you top 10 best free Teamviewer alternatives for Windows and Mac. These softwares are free (an cost you in some cases) for both personal and business users. Just take a look into this list and maybe you will need it someday.

Top 10 free Teamviewer alternative software

1. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

remote desktop connection

It’s a built-in application on Windows operating system that lets you connect to another Windows computer with UI design and do whatever you want, as access to a normal computer.

To use this application, simply hit Start > Run and type: “Remote Desktop Connection” and press Enter. If you would like to make your computer able to connect to, make sure to open port 3399 on your router.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

It’s an extension for Google Chrome browser for manage and remote access your computer from iOS device. There is an iOS app in App Store named “Chrome Remote Desktop” that provide an easy way to access a computer from iOS mobile device like iPhone or iPad.

Visit here to download the extension for Google Chrome browser and here for the iOS app.

3. Real VNC

real vnc remote desktop software

VNC remote access software is available for both desktop and mobile platforms, in both free and paid versions. The software provides reliable remote connections with high security levels, and also lets you connect with single or multiple computers.

4. Splashtop


This software is available for both PC and Mac, all you need is just install the software on your computer and use your smartphone (iOS / Android) to access to it. It has a great media streaming feature with very low latency.

5. Log Me In Pro

Log Me In

There’s no free version of Log Me In because the company has discontinued that line, but it’s still a good remote desktop software with acceptable price ($99 per year, access up to two computers), and to be a good alternative for Teamviewer for business.

There are many other products like Log Me In Rescue, Log Me In Backup, take a look!


Developed by Log Me In company, the is a premium remote access software for business industries with instant sharing feature and ability to add up to 250 people in an online meeting.

7. Ultra VNC

ultra vnc remote software

Based on VNC technology, the Ultra VNC software is a free remote access software with file transfer, helpdesk, IT departments features and more. So, what other features you will ask from this free software ?

8. Mikogo


It’s a paid software which cost starts at $13 per month to $78 per month, depends on the plan you select. Like Chrome Remote Desktop, it’s a remote access software that based on web browser, but has many more features and to be an excellent remote software for business industries.

9. AMMYY Admin

Ammyy Admin

Comes with many good features like file transfer, chat and connect to multiple computers via secure connections, the AMMYY Admin software is a good application to remote computer.

The software is free for personal users and cost you $34 to $100 for business licenses.

10. WebEx


Available in both free and paid versions, the WebEx software is a good application for meeting purposes and support face to face conversations. You can also record meetings, make VoIP calls or share your applications as well as your screen.

So, with the useful list above, we hope you already found some good and appropriate alternatives to use in case Teamviewer does not work with you. We know the best software to remotely connect to your computer is Teamviewer because it’s very easy to use and setup, but sometimes you will need an alternative.

If you have any question, feel free to leave comments.