Best Free Hard Drive Data Recovery Software for Windows

Most of people, including me, are now saving many important files (such as work files, pictures, video and others) on the computer. And sometimes you forget to backup those files, so we will lose all important things if any issue with your hard drive: computer crashed, accidentally deleted, viruses or interruption.

We always recommend you to backup all of your important files in safe places and leave at least two copies of your files (or more if you can), or you can use the RAID feature if your mainboard is supported.

In some other cases, we are accidentally deleted files or someone that borrows and using your computer to do that. So which is the best way to recover those deleted files ? I have selected five best software to recover data from hard drive, and it could help you to retrieve your files back. Some are support for multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux; some are only supported for Windows, take a look at the list below and pick the right hard drive recovery software for you.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Software Free Download

Most of these softwares are very easy to use and powerful tools to recover lost data on your hard drive, external hard drive, USB stick or digital memory card.


It’s a free software that developed by the same developer with CCleaner software, one of the best computer cleaner software. It can help you recover files that accidentally deleted from Windows computers, recycle bin, MP3 player, digital memory card and more.

With the software, you can select the file type you want to recover like documents, images, music or video, along with the location where it stored on your computer.

recuva recovery software

They are also selling the Professional version for $24.95 along with the free version. If you would like to upgrade to get full features, software updates and priority support, order the Professional edition. Visit here to download Recuva software.


TestDisk is a free software that available on multiple platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and help you to recover data that you have deleted in accidents.

TestDisk Recovery Software
TestDisk Recovery Software

It also support for many partition types like FAT, ext32 and NTFS. The software can use to make non-booting disks bootable again when these symptoms are caused by faulty software or viruses. You can go to the website and check documents in the Wiki section. Visit here to download TestDisk.


photorec recovery software

It’s a simple software like TestDisk, to find your lost files, ignores system files and go to underlying data. So the software will work fine even your hard drive has damaged or formatted.

Like TestDisk, the PhotoRec recovery software is available for Windows, Mac OS X and even Linux. Visit here to download PhotoRec.



This is a basic data recovery software for Windows with many features like file name search, sorting, file extensions search and parameters. Visit here to download Restoration software.



Available for Windows platform, the UndeletePlus recovery software is a premium software, but you can download it for free with the limited time offer. If you would like to use full features, you need to order and register the license, which cost $39.95 per one computer per year. Visit here to download UndeletePlus.

My most favorite software to recover lost data is Recuva and it works well to retrieve files. What’s your favorite data recovery software ? To avoid computer crashed and file damaged by viruses, take a look at the best free antivirus software article and pick one to install on your computer.

If you are using other recovery softwares and it works greater than these suggestions, feel free to let me know and I will take a review on it.