You may not be able to jailbreak Apple iOS 9 due to rootless technology

jailbreak apple ios 9

Jailbreak is the process to remove hardware restrictions on Apple’s iOS, and let developers and users can install software to take advance of the hardware or do something that the mobile operating system restrict.

In that case, the users can easily to install applications, add-on and themes which aren’t available in the Apple App Store.

According to the Apple report, they are now under working on a new technology called “rootless” that prohibit anyone to jailbreak iOS 9. As you know, Apple isn’t a fan of jailbreak community and the company is working to fix any exploits that can be used to jailbreak iOS.

So, Apple will announce the next generation of its mobile operating system: iOS 9 in the WDDC event, this June and iOS 9 might be impossible to jailbreak. Maybe “impossible” isn’t the right term to use, but with the “rootless” feature, it makes the device more difficult to complete the jailbreak progress and achieve.