Users must install Chrome extensions from Google Chrome Web Store

hosted chrome extension web store

It seems Google took the big battle with malware, bad software and malicious extensions by locking down all extensions and required all of them must be hosted at Chrome Web Store in Google servers, and preventing users to download extensions from 3rd party sources.

Last May, the company has introduced this restriction feature to Chrome browser for Windows operating system and uninstall extension support requests from the users have got up to 75% decreased.

Google will extend this protection to both Windows and Mac users in the coming months. The company will also support local extension install for developers, as well as installs via Enterprise policy, for testing purposes. But when the extension is ready for public, it must be distributed via the Chrome Web Store.

If you are a developer and not yet submit your extension, visit here to submit it today. Google also provides inline installation guides to help you easy to know how to integrate installation buttons on your website and lets users click to install.

With this move, the company wants to make sure Chrome users can enjoy all the web without the need to worry about bad software.