Trackmyfone versus Mobile Spy: the best mobile spy software

This review is all about two of my favorite smartphone monitoring apps; one that I have used for years: Mobile Spy, and other one which recently dominated my hall of fame board: Trackmyfone.

Though the two apps look like brothers and sisters, there are many distinguishing elements and USPs of each one of them. And at the end of this, you guys will get to know about my final pick from these two apps. To make my analysis precise, I would first look at what’s homogenous to the two apps, i.e. features where the two apps stand equal


You can track calls logs, emails, browsing history, text message conversations, and phonebook and calendar entries on both applications. Well, these are quite basic features and I would expect any smartphone monitoring apps to have them.

Both apps can track WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook messages. I personally prefer a wider range of IM apps tracking and this where the real differentiation will tend to come in.

You also get access everything from an online Control Panel that gives you remote access to the target device. Also, both apps provide you a real-time location tracking of the target user.

The pricing and subscription plans are quite similar too. However, Trackmyfone is slightly cheaper and can save you some additional bucks.

Reasons to Choose Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy

There are a few reasons why someone would choose Mobile Spy over Trackmyfone, like the Keylogger feature that lets you trace keystrokes on your child’s or employee’s smartphones. The other reason is Blackberry PIN messages. If you want to monitor a Blackberry device, this is one area you don’t want to miss. Also, Mobile Spy is compatible with iOS, Android and Blackberry devices while Trackmyfone doesn’t offer their services to BlackBerry OS.

Reasons to Choose Trackmyfone


My overall experience with Trackmyfone has been phenomenal. Though it’s a fairly new app, I am flabbergasted with its design, performance, power and reliability. The app gives a nice try at product differentiation and there are definitely a few worth mentioning features. Mobile Spy offers a very limited IM apps tracking, whereas Trackmyfone lets you monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Skype and iMessage.

Its tracking feature is also superior to Mobile Spy’s. There is not just real-time location tracking of the target user, but also Geo-fencing that gives you a discretionary control over the target device’s physical movement. It’s like setting up a geographical boundary around the target user so that they only visit those places which are authorized.

Finally, I would like to mention the Watchlist notifications. Suspicious words, contacts or locations ? Add them to Watchlist and receive instant emails on the control panel for any related activity

My Verdict

Both apps have their positives and negatives, but personally I am impressed with the intricacy and performance of Trackmyfone. It’s lag-free, fast and highly responsive. Heavy features like GPS tracking works effortlessly on this app. There are also many superior features like Watchlist alerts, geo-fencing, etc. that are absent in Mobile Spy that I would love to have for my smartphone monitoring app. Therefore, my choice is Trackmyfone.

Although both are good apps to track activities of mobile devices, but in some case, it’s illegal to spy on other people mobile phone. So make sure you are using these mobile spy softwares in right purposes, like track your child’s phone, or employees’ devices.