Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos Dual SIM Model Coming to Brazil

Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos dual SIM

If you love the Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship, but it only has one SIM card slot. Don’t worry, Samsung will start selling the Galaxy S6 Duos with dual SIM card slots, which has the same specifications as regular Galaxy S6 model.

There’s no difference between two models. Both are powered by an octa-core processor, Quad HD display, 3GB of RAM and so on. The only new feature is a secondary SIM card slot. For more details of Samsung Galaxy S6 specifications, check out this article.

While Samsung has made no official announcement yet, retailers in Brazil have started listing the Galaxy S6 Duos dual SIM model to sell. And it seems that this model is only available in select markets, including China, Russia, Philippines as well as Brazil. For other countries ? We should to wait the final confirmation from the company.