Microsoft Windows 10 is the last version of Windows

windows 10

At the Microsoft Ignite conference, Jerry Nixton said: “Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we are all still working on Windows 10.”, and we can understand the company will not release any version of Windows after Windows 10, like Windows 11 or Windows 12.

We also knew Microsoft will give free upgrade to all Windows 7, Windows 8 users, even you don’t have a valid license (including crack or illegal key).

So, Microsoft has decided stop to release new version of Windows, and they will keep their operating system update to date with new features and improvements.

As the plan, the next major updates for Windows 10 would be available in 2016, with codenamed: “Windows Redstone”, and they will still call it as Windows 10, not Windows 10.1, Windows 10.2 or Windows 11. And these updates will be available when needed instead of every Tuesday: “Patch Tuesday”.

It’s a good news for Windows users and just install Windows 10 to use, easy to update with Update Center and no need to worry about the upgrade of version, stability or software compatibility.

Microsoft wants to make sure the Windows 10 can run on all kinds of devices like desktop, tablet and smartphone, and they have no plan to develop any other operating system. The purpose of the company is an all in one operating system, updates frequently and users just need to run and enjoy it.

What do you think ? Will you upgrade your current Windows operating system to Windows 10 when it’s released this summer ?