LG Display unveils wallpaper OLED panel

At a showcase today in Korea, LG Display has unveiled its latest 55-inch flat OLED panel for TV which thick at 0.97mm, and easily stick to the wall using magnets.

Also, the company showcased a convex OLED panel, which will use for digital signage for large-scale outdoor advertising. This isn’t a new idea, and Panasonic unveiled similar panels last year.

As the plan, LG will start to produce these new OLED TV from third quarter of 2015, and will able to supply to customers from July or August. The customers are not just LG Electronics, but including many other makers like Panasonic.

LG Display will also keep its focus on large screens, and will unveil a new OLED panel with 99-inch of large this year. The company is under working to upgrade plastic OLED technology, to make roll-able, flexible and even transparent displays to be used for wearable devices or vehicle dashboard.

Wallpaper OLED TV Panel