Skype Translator now available in global for everyone

Skype Translator

Last year, Microsoft has introduced to us a new translator system that implemented in Skype video calling and translating voices in real time. The company has also previewed Skype Translator for months and now it’s time to release to everyone to try.

In the previous releases, Microsoft has limited this translator for a small group to test, and only support for Chinese and Italian. Today, they are removing the requirement and open the preview to everyone. It’s also can translate many languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin and Chinese in real time.

The software is a modified version of Skype Windows 8 software, translate voices in conversation into audio or text. It works well enough to help you understand the language you don’t understand.

If you would like to try Skype Translator, you can now download it from Microsoft’s Windows Store. For now, it’s only available for Windows and required you to install it in Windows 8 or Windows 10, no support for Windows 7 or less.


Microsoft Skype Translator

Not use Windows platform ? Don’t worry, we think the company is under working to release Skype Translator to other platforms soon. But it takes time.