BitTorrent Beep secure messenger released

BitTorrent Beep secure messenger

In the Alpha version for a while since it launched last September, as testing purposes, BitTorrent today released the public version of Beep secure messenger and available on all platforms, including Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

This secure messenger is focusing on high level of privacy and keep your messages out of the internet. The message will be sent directly to your recipient with encryption.

BitTorrent also updated Beep with an ephemeral message feature called “whisper”, which allows you to send best secure message and self-destroy after 25 seconds. If you worry about spyware that can take screenshots of your device, then BitTorrent notes that Beep whisper method will block out username while sending messages. So it’s impossible to know who are the sender.

BitTorrent Beep offers:

  • Sign up with your email, mobile number or just go as anonymous
  • Send and receive both online and offline text and images
  • Make and receive voice calls over Wi-Fi and cellular data to other Bleep users
  • Import your address book contacts
  • Invite friends over SMS, email or share your public key
  • Move existing desktop account to mobile device
  • Messages are sent fully encrypted and stored in your device
  • It’s easy to delete message history

If you would like to try this secure messenger, follow links below to download the app for your platforms.

Windows iOS Android Mac

Secure, encrypted chat and text message with Beep