Best ways to backup and restore an Android smartphone

how to backup android

If you have problems with an Android smartphone, a factory reset can fix most issues. It will clear the phone and revert it back to a new smartphone, like in the box. Any kind of data and files on the phone will be wiped out.

But how about your important data and files, such as photos, contacts, text messages… ? That’s why we will tell you the best ways to backup and restore your Android smartphone, with software and without software.

Backup Android data to microSD card

Before you go to resetting your Android smartphone, make sure that your important files have been backed up and save in other places, not in the internal storage (the phone storage). That way, you can put the data back onto the phone once the reset progress is done, and you will not lose anything.

Be sure you have a microSD card on your Android smartphone and ready to backup files. The ways to save information from the phone storage to microSD card are different, depend on who made your Android phone. But all phones have the same structure, and you can manage files under Applications > Files. Go there and see if any Copy/Paste feature to transfer files from internal storage to external microSD card.

You can also install ASTRO File Manager with Cloud app, to help you easily copy files from your phone to microSD card. This app has a simple user interface, so just take a look into the app and we think it’s very easy to understand and use.

Backup Android data to your computer

This is another way to backup your Android smartphone and save information onto your computer in case you don’t have any microSD card or don’t want to do that way. To do this, you need to connect your phone to the computer. On your smartphone will have an option like “mass storage”, press it if you want to mount the phone storage to your computer as a USB drive. The computer will recognize the phone and showing a pop-up on the computer screen. Select “open folders to view files”, select and copy files you want to backup onto your computer.

There are also some computer softwares that can help you do the backup automatically like MobiKin Assistant for Android or Coolmuster Android Assistant. Both are paid softwares, but offering free trial which you can give a try to test its features to completely backup and restore Android phone on computer, including photos, video, contacts, text messages as well as your apps. All you need is just connect your phone to the computer (which was installed one of these backup software), select content to backup (or restore from previous backup) and “start”. All will be done automatically and no need any further action.

If you are using a Mac OS X computer, then please use Android File Transfer app to transfer any files from your Android smartphone to the computer.

Backup Android smartphone with Google Drive

how to backup android phone to the cloudWe think many of you already know about Google Drive, which give you a 5GB free storage on the cloud to save your files and no one else can see your stuff.

You need to download and install an app named: Google Drive (the link here, or find it in Google Play Store). Once the progress is done, go to your Gallery and select the photos you want to share to Google Drive, it will be uploaded to the cloud. Google Drive is now also lets you sync your photos into it, no more manually share. But make sure you setup it to sync with Wi-Fi only (in the Google Drive app settings), because it will take a lot of 3G bandwidth with high resolution photos or video.

Backup Android smartphone contacts to Gmail account

Nothing terrible than lost all of your contacts, especially with a person who do business with a lot of customer numbers. So what’s good and safe way to backup your contacts ?

Android is a mobile operating system that developed by Google and they have implemented a sync feature that lets you automatically sync your contacts with a Gmail account. All of your contacts will be saved in your Gmail account in “Contacts” section.

With your phone, go to Settings > Accounts (tap Google) and add new Google account (Gmail account) and select which you want to sync like Contacts as well as Calendar.

All in one Android backup app

MyBackup Pro is a good solution that allows you to backup most data and files on your Android device and ensure you will have everything from your phone. It’s a paid app which cost you $4.99, order, set it and forget it.

Apparently, backup is an important task to ensure your data will be stored in a safe place and can use to restore the phone (or any Android device) if it has any trouble. If you’re switching to a new Android smartphone and need a solution to transfer data from iPhone/Android to Android, then check out our solution.