Apple plans to collect human DNA for ResearchKit

Apple ResearchKit

There are many companies (like Google) and U.S government are working to build human genome databases, and using it for research diseases.

According to the report from MIT Technology Review’s website, Apple is teaming up with scientists to collect human DNA, as a part of the ResearchKit that the company launched in March.

For now, Apple has two current studies: one at the University of California in San Francisco and the other at Mount Sinai Hospital. Users’ health information will be collected via a secure program and portal, lets them get a slot in a number of clinical studies.

How Apple can collect information for ResearchKit ?

By collaborating with many U.S researchers, Apple has launched apps to offer users to get their DNA tested. These apps based on ResearchKit, which allows scientists and hospitals run medical studies.

As the plan, there will be 100 medically important disease genes, and the information, which collected from users, will be stored available to users via their iPhones as well as in the cloud.

So, a lot of companies have joined in this field, to build a better life with capacities to fix most diseases, like Parkinson. And we think they will gain more success to help us in the life.