Android Tools for Mac: record and take screenshots, sideload APK files

Android Tool for Mac

When you use Android devices with Mac OS X computer (desktop or laptop), you feel not familiar with most things like connect the device, run commands and especially remember those commands to communicate with the phone. But now, it’s easier to do with a tool called Android Tool for Mac, which develop by @mortenjust.

It looks like the same with Google ADB, but you don’t need to enter any command to do. All you need is just press some buttons and enjoy the rest.

Android Tool for Mac lets you recording display of your Android device, take a screenshot, install an app via APK file, run custom scripts and also support for Android Wear.

In use this tool, you must to active ADB mode on your Android device by go to Settings > Information > Software > More Details and press 7th times on Build Number / Build Version. Go back to Settings and find Developer section and enable USB debug mode. After that, you can connect your Android device to computer with USB cable and run the tool to use.

Visit here to download Android Tool for Mac at GitHub.