Google Android 5.0.2 Factory Image for Nexus 9 Wi-Fi and LTE

Most of Android users are now waiting for the Android 5.1 upgrade for their device and some devices already got the update.

If you are own the Nexus 9 tablet, then there is a small update for you, not the Lollipop 5.1 yet, but it comes with some bugs fixed and improvements.

For now, the OTA update still not available. But you can download the factory image file from Google’s developer website and flashing the firmware. If you are new to the process, read the previous post of us about how to flash the Nexus firmware.

The Nexus 9 Wi-Fi factory image is 805MB, while the LTE model is 835MB and the build number is LRX22L. To get started, visit here to download the firmware from Google.