Transfer Data From iPhone/Android to Android with Smart Switch Mobile

smart-switch-mobile transfer data from iphone to android

Almost people now using more than one mobile device and switching between them isn’t rare anymore, in case you want to change a new phone (replace your old smartphone), upgrade to the latest generation, or just want to switch to other platforms.

Smart Switch Mobile is an app that lets you copy your data from an iPhone or Android to another Android device. It can be used to copy text messages, photos, contacts, calendar, music, movies, Wi-Fi password, notes, call history as well as alarms on your old device.

The speed of transfer progress is very fast and effective. To transfer data from an iPhone to a new Android smartphone, you need to plug a cable in both devices and just select what you want to copy, no need to install any app on your iPhone. To transfer data from an Android to Android device, both devices must have Smart Switch Mobile app, and then all data will be transferred via wireless.

Download Smart Switch Mobile for Android: This app is made by Samsung.

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Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

You must to have two cables to transfer data from your old iPhone to a new Android smartphone, that is a Lightning cable and a USB OTG cable. Let plug the Lightning cable to USB OTG cable and plug them into both devices.

In the Android device, select “Smart Switch” to do the transfer data.

smart-switch-mobile-2 transfer data from iphone to android

In the iPhone device, press the Trust button in a small window that popped up. By that, both devices can trust each other to do the transfer. The Switch Mobile app in Android will start to scan all data on the iPhone and it may take a few minutes.

After the scan is done, it will list all kinds of data in the iPhone device that can be copied to the new Android device, including contact, text message, photos, music, movie … so on. Just stick on any you want to transfer and press Import button to begin.


Transfer Data from Android to Android

Both Android devices must to install Smart Switch Mobile app. Then all you need to do is very simple, open the app from old device, select “Android Device” > “Sending Device”, and let two devices connect to each other.

smart-switch-mobile transfer data from android to android

mobile app advertisingLike the way we transfer data from an iPhone to an Android, the app will scan data from your old Android smartphone and let you select what you want to copy to your new device. The transfer progress works through Wi-Fi Direct, so it’s very fast and stable.

So, here is two ways to copy data and personal information from an old device to a new device, between iPhone/Android to Android. It’s good solutions to help you switch to a new smartphone without worry about losing any files.

If you have any question, just leave a comment and I will help you the rest.