HDMI Forum, Inc. announces HDMI 2.0a specification


HDMI Forum, Inc. has announced the HDMI 2.0a specification, which is available to current HDMI 2.0 adopters via the HDMI Adopter Extranet. To provide enhanced picture quality, HDMI Forum, Inc. has updated the HDMI 2.0a by enabling transmission of HDR formats.

Robert Blanchard, President of the HDMI Forum, Inc

We recognized that HDR would be a critical feature as the industry evolves. Our support for HDR enables our 800+ HDMI 2.0 Adopters to develop market-leading products that include HDR and will maintain interoperability across the entire HDMI ecosystem.

Along with the publication of the CEA extensions, the HDMI Forum continues to update the HDMI Specification and remain closely aligned with leading CE standards organizations.

Arnold Brown, Chairman of the HDMI Forum, Inc. Board of Directors

By adding HDR, the HDMI Specification continues its history of supporting the latest formats and technologies planned for Hollywood content.

The HDR-related updates include references to CEA-861.3, CEA’s recently published update of HDR Static Metadata Extensions.

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