Free One Year: Steganos Online Shield VPN


With the growth of the internet, protect your identify and personal information is the most important thing you should know when online. In that case, VPN is the best solution to help you free from surfing the web, send & receive emails, chat & message through internet without any kind of information leak.

I have posted some articles to give free premium VPN service before (you may use the search feature to check back). Today, it’s another free VPN service from, with its online shield vpn service.

As the company claimed, the premium VPN service from the company is safe, private and without ads. If you want to buy this VPN, it will cost you about $50 per one year. But don’t worry, they are now giving free one year of the Steganos online shield VPN. All you need is just enter your email to receive the activation code, download the app, install it and fill subscription code (which you received in your email) into the app.


With this free offer, you will have 2,000 MB of secure traffic per month. After your subscription ended (in the next 12 months), your account will be turned to 500 MB of secure traffic per month. It’s a free service.

How to get free premium VPN account ?

  1. Go here to download app
  2. Enter your email to get the key
  3. Enter your key in downloaded app
  4. Get free VPN with 2GB traffic per month in next 12 months

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