Cirrus7 nimbini announced, an Intel NUC system and fanless


It’s an Intel NUC system with Broadwell CPU in the later-cut aluminum case, called the nimbini. This new mini desktop will be available for order as a complete system that pre-installed Ubuntu or Windows operating system, or as a DIY (do it yourself) kit that comes with over 90 parts and you have to manually put it all together.

The Cirrus7 nimbini is also compatible with all Intel Broadwell NUCs, and it passed the stress test with its fanless cooling (the case).

For now, we don’t know how much for the nimbini, but you are able to pre-order later this month, and expected to ship in the middle of May.

cirrus7-nimbini front
Cirrus7 nimbini front face
Cirrus7 nimbini back face