myFC introduces the Jaq, a world’s smallest fuel cell charger


The fuel cell is a relatively new concept in the mobile industry, although it has been used for a long time in the car. We are very familiar with the mobile battery chargers with power bank, a fuel cell in this post is a type of rechargeable battery charger, but it does not use direct power like others and instead use a mixture of salt water to generate electricity and charging for your smartphone or tablet.

A company called MyFC recently launched a new the world’s smallest “fuel cell” named Jaq. Although the phrase “charged with salt water” sounds appealing, but the fact is a bit different.


Jaq consists two parts: charger for charging and fuel. The charger is shaped like a piece of sole, inside there is a slot for inserting the fuel plate. The fuel plate is supplied by the manufacturer, inside it has water, salt and other ingredients necessary for electrolyte mixture to form hydrogen gas and energy supply for our equipment (rather not directly put salt water or sea water into the charger).

The power capacity of each plate is 2,400 mAh, enough to fully charge a smartphone. Jaq is convenient in that you just plug fuel plate into the charger, your devices will be charged immediately without the need to plug into the wall outlet, and you don’t need to charge the battery before like the normal battery chargers.

JAQ how to use

After using all salt water mixture of the fuel plate, you can throw it away. The fuel plate is made from the material which clean and friendly with the environment and able to throw away comfortably.

Currently, the company has not yet announced the price of Jaq and how much for each of fuel plates. Obviously at the moment when it was not popular, it will cost a lot more expensive than we normally use rechargeable batteries. Previously, the company has also sold fuel plates, a package with 9 pieces costs 45 Euro.