Microsoft announces universal foldable keyboard for three platforms


Microsoft today has announced to us a new foldable keyboard that available for three platforms such as Google’s Android OS, Apple’s iOS and Windows.

It has a similar design to the previous version and also uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to other devices. Although this is a Microsoft keyboard, but it does not have the Windows key as usual.

The keys on the top line are function keys and used to control audio, search functionality … so on. This keyboard can sync with two devices simultaneously and you can easily switch between them with just one touch operation.

Called Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard, it’s very easy to use, set up in a second. All you need just open the keyboard, turn it on and connect to any device you want to work with.


With this ultrathin and lightweight keypad, you can reply to emails or editing the contents on your phone or tablet comfortably. Microsoft has not released information on battery life, but it has a microUSB port for charging.

Microsoft will sell this keyboard in July 2015 for $99.95. It will come with three years of warranty.