No Android updates for HTC One M7 in the future

HTC One M7 Android Updates

As you know Google has released the Android 5.1 and will be available in many devices soon. However, there is a bad news for HTC One M7 users that they won’t get any major updates for Android in the next future, there could be a few small bug fixes updates, following the Mo Versi (HTC’s VP of Product Management) statement.

So with the newest version of Android: Google’s Android 5.1, which brings many improvements and bug fixes, compared to the Android 5.0. It’s a sad story for HTC One M7 owners and definitely no HTC’s Sense 7 UI also.

However, the HTC One M7 GPE (Google Play Edition) will able to get more major updates like Android 5.1. What do you think about this ? Does it is a good or bad for HTC One M7 since it was introduced in February 2013. If you don’t mind about this limitation and need a smartphone with low price, you can easily find  the HTC One M7 with cheap price ($150 or under) somewhere like this.

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