Google will release a new VPN service soon


While digging around in Google’s Android 5.1, there was a new system app named “Google Connectivity Services” under Settings >> Apps >> All.


However, it seems this is a part of a new system feature and doesn’t work well right now. To make it work, you must install QuickShortcutMaker app, and create a shortcut to “Google Connectivity Services” in homescreen and open the app from there.

Next, a small alert showed up as below screenshot:


As you can see, it’s an alert from Google’s Android 5.1 to tell you about Google VPN, to help you protect your open Wi-Fi connection and your data will be transmitted securely via a Google VPN.

When you click the “Learn more” button, it will take you to a new web address at:

While if you click the “Got it” button, the standard VPN connection request screen showed up.


Unfortunately, this new feature still not really enable yet and we don’t know when Google will launch this new security feature.

So if Google launch a new VPN service, would you like to give it a try ?