Extend Apple Watch’s battery with Reserve Strap


Following all previous reports, you will able to use the Apple Watch till end of the day, but now you can easy to extend its battery life more than a day without putting it back on the charger.

Of course, it’s not a problem with most users, but if you plan to wear the Watch all day and want it still active until you get home. Then the band from Reserve Strap is a very good accessory for you.

How the Reserve Strap will work ?

The strap will have built-in batteries and with magnetic to charging the Apple Watch like the new MagSafe. With this upcoming band, it could boost your Apple Watch battery life up to 125%.

Once Apple released the Apple Watch and the Reserve Strap’s team gets its hands on, the final design of the band will be made. There’s no release date information for the Reserve Strap yet, but if you would love to be one of the first group to receive these bands, you can pre-order now for $249.99.

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For more introduction, please watch the video below:

What do you think about the price ?

Maybe, $249.99 is a bit too much for just a band while Apple will sell the Watch for $350. That’s more than half price of the Apple Watch and you could buy another one with some more money.

By the way, this is just a startup plan and many things could change. Let’s see their plan in the next future when Apple official release the Watch in tomorrow, March 9, 2015.