Apple launches new website to offer free Apple Pay decals


Apple has launched a new website to let business owners to purchase Apple Pay decals for their stores where the new Apple payment via mobile devices accepted. Each pack comes with two glass decals, two register decals (both in different sizes) and a tool for affixing the ads to the appropriate surfaces.

If you are a business owner, you can order up to 5 packs, totally free of charge. Need more than five ? Just make a call to Apple to place your order.

How to setup Apple Pay

In the early of this month, Apple has released the Apple Pay logo with a PDF guidelines files. In this guideline document, Apple specifies to users that the Apple Pay logo should be placed ahead of other payment services like Visa and MasterCard.

Not yet download the guidelines file ? Visit Apple Pay to download it now. If you want to purchase those decals, visit the new website of Apple at here.