Apple iPhone 6C rear house leaks ?

Some days ago, I’ve posted that Apple will launch three more iPhone in this year, including the iPhone 6C, successor of iPhone 5C.

Indeed, there are two leaked images is supposed to be a rear housing of iPhone 6C. At the first glance, it looks like a normal Apple iPhone 5C rear housing, but there are something different.

First, the flash hole of rear camera is an oval shape, more like iPhone 5S, while in the iPhone 5C, it’s a circle shape.


Second, looks at the bottom, you can see two speaker holes. In the iPhone 5C, it only has one.


Although the images look real, but nothing for sure it’s an iPhone 6C rear housing. It’s just one of many sources to refer while we are waiting for an official news from Apple.

What do you think of this ? Is it real or just a product from a 3D printer ?