Super Flower announces the 8Pack 2000W Power Supply


Today, Sper Flower has announced the world’s first 2-kilowatt (2000W) power suppy called the8Pack 2000W power supply.

This new PSU (power supply unit) has a single 12-V rail, delivering 1999.2 W or 166.6 A with up to 94% of efficiency rate on the 230 V power grid. And it’s working very quite and cooled with one 140-mm fan.

The Super Flower 8Pack 2000W PSU comes with plenty of fully connectors including standard ATX, EPS, PCE Express, 5 x six-pin PCI Express, 5 x Molex connectors, 18 x SATA power connectors as well as 2 x floppy power.


This PSU is Platinum certificated PSU, compatible with CrossFireX and SLI; and is only available from in Germany (at this moment) for €369.90 or about $432. However, Super Flower is an OEM production company, then you will have changes to see this 2KW PSU under other brands like Corsair, Cooler Master, EVGA as well as Thermaltake and so on.