WattUp – wireless power system charges up to 20 feet, long distance


I think we are no stranger to PMA or Qi wireless charging solution for your smartphone. But its biggest cons that only work in short distance and you need to put your device nearby the charge station to fill up the device’s battery.

At CES this year, the Energous company was showing off for us a new wireless power system called WattUp, which support for long range up to 20 feet or about 6.1 meters.

The technology operates based on Bluetooth 4.0 and come with a hub, known as Wattup’s heart, an RF transmitter station. You need to connect your device to the hub via Bluetooth and it will use that connection to direct the wireless power signal to your device.

Energous claims it can hit 70% with long distance, compared with Qi wireless charger is about 90% efficient but only work nearby.

WattUp also let you switch between multiple hubs, just like your smartphone can transfer from one cell tower to the next cell tower to maintain a connection.


Long distance but how about security ?

As the company claimed, the WattUp will work up to 20 feet (6.1 meters) distance, but I still wonder about its security because there could be a lot of devices in range, including other people’s device.

Don’t worry, the WattUp work based on Bluetooth technology, so you can authenticate devices with  “protected mode” where only authorized devices can connect with the Bluetooth tether.

The company hopes this technology will be hit the market and device’s maker soon.